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The Amazing Advertising Impact of Podcasting

  September 21, 2015  ~    41.91 MB
The Amazing Advertising Impact of Podcasting




Mike Agovino is Executive Vice Chairman of PodcastOne (http://podcastone.com) and former COO of Triton Digital (http://tritondigital.com) - two of the firms at the center of the saga of digital audio.

In this conversation from hivio (http://hivio.com), the audio future festival, Mark Ramsey (http://markramseymedia.com) talks with Agovino about the amazing impact of podcasting for advertisers and how, in many ways, the medium is a throwback to an earlier era of radio, dominated by compelling personalities.

Among the questions:

- Your career has placed you at the intersection of radio, online radio, and podcasting. What insights does that perspective give you?
- What surprised you about how podcasts work for their advertisers? -- - Can you quantify the increased effectiveness?
- What’s the revenue potential in the podcasting space over the next few years?
- What’s the key to unlocking that revenue potential for podcasting?
- Where are we on podcast metrics? How important are uniform metrics in activating transactional business?
- While the consumption of podcasts are steadily rising, it seems like the creation of podcasts is exploding. Yet we still only have so much time to listen. How do you see the “winners” separating from the “losers” when it comes to audience traction?
- How important is a large and loyal tribe to the success and growth of a podcast?
- What are the opportunities for traditional radio brands to gain significant traction in podcast growth and monetization? How do they make it happen?